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IFToMM 1982 1.7 Parametric Resonance in a Gyroscopic Rotor Driven through Hooke's loint Mechanism D. Ardayfio 67
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IFToMM 1982 1.12 Potential Of Transfer Function Control of Rotor Whip and Balance J. Mahig 111
IFToMM 1982 1.13 Studies of Non-Linear Vibrations and the Stability of an Unbalanced Rotor with a Cavity Partially Filled with Viscous Fluid V.A. Djoldasbekov, E.R. Rakhimovand A.S. Rakhmatullaev 117
IFToMM 1982 2.1 Rotor Dynamics of Non Symmetrical Rotor-Bearing-Frame Systems H. Alberg 123
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IFToMM 1986 The Calculation of the Stiffness and Damping Coefficients of Turbine Journal Bearings Considering Variable Viscosity H. Ott, G. Paradissiadis 1
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IFToMM 1986 Lateral Vibration of Rotating Body Driven through Constant-Velocity Joints M. Saigo, T. Iwatsubo 499
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IFToMM 1990 Rotor instability due to leakage flow induced pressure acting on the rotor disc A Tondl 3
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IFToMM 1990 Identification of mechanical systems by means of the extended Kalman filter C P Fritzen, S Seibold 423
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IFToMM 2014 Forced Vibration of Eight Mistuned Bladed Discs on a Solid Shaft - Excitation of the Second Compressor Bladed Disc Artur Maurin, Romuald Rzadkowski, Ryszard Szczepanik
IFToMM 2014 Vibration Response Analysis of Mistuned Bladed Disk Consisting of Directionally Solidified Blade Yasutomo Kaneko, Kazushi Mori, Hiroharu Ooyama
IFToMM 2014 The Influence of Blade Row Dynamics on Lateral and Torsional Shaft Vibrations in Steam Turbines Nicolò Bachschmid, Giorgia Salvini, Ezio Tanzi, Emanuel Pesatori
IFToMM 2014 Explanation of the Snubbing Mechanism on Vibration Reduction by Means of Chaos Metrics Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Andrea Vania
IFToMM 2014 Efficient Modelling of Rotor-blade Interaction using Substructuring Fadi Dohnal, Eric Knopf, Rainer Nordmann
IFToMM 2014 Modeling Impulse Periodic Excitation of Blade Rows in Steam Turbines in Partial Arc Admission Conditions Nicolò Bachschmid, Ezio Tanzi, Emanuel Pesatori, Simone Bistolfi
IFToMM 2014 An Improved Microslip Model for Variable Normal Loads Muzio Gola, Chiara Gastaldi
IFToMM 2014 Nonlinear Behavior Analysis Caused by Blade Tip Rubbing in a Rotor-disk-blade System Hui Ma, Zhiyuan Wu, Xingyu Tai, Chaofeng Li, Bangchun Wen
IFToMM 2014 The Resolution of Unwanted Vibrations in Rotating Machinery Gordon R. Kirk
IFToMM 2014 Designing & Operating Rotating Machinery Free from Vibration Troubles Based on Case Studies Masato Tanaka
IFToMM 2014 Keyphasor Based Torsional Vibration Detection and Field Applications Huageng Luo, Roengchai Chumai, Nicolas Peton, Arun Menon (presents Francesco Miniello)
IFToMM 2014 Behavior of Eccentric Rotors through the Critical Speed Range Zlatan Racic, Marin Racic
IFToMM 2014 Analysis of dry friction-induced stick-slip in an experimental test rig modeling a drill string Hans Ingo Weber, Bruno Cayres, Cesar da Fonseca, Adriano Santos
IFToMM 2014 Evaluation of Unexpected High Vibration on a High Speed Coupling Spacer Gordon R. Kirk, K.A Schoeneck, E.A. Memmot
IFToMM 2014 Analysis of Super-synchronous, Sub-mesh Frequency Vibrations in a Speed Increaser Gearbox C. Hunter Cloud, James M. Byrne, Minhui He, José A. Vázquez, Timothy J. Hattenbach
IFToMM 2014 Optimization of Low Frequency Balancing of GD-40 Rotor Vladimir Shahrinov, Sliva Oleg
IFToMM 2014 Analysis and Experimental Test of a 200 kW Oil- free Micro Gas Turbine Simulator Bonjin Koo, Changho Kim, Jong Sung Lee, Tae Ho Kim, Kyuho Sim, Changho Kim, Maryna Ienina
IFToMM 2014 FEM Analysis of the SIF in Rotating Shafts Containing Breathing Elliptical Cracks Lourdes Rubio, Patricia Rubio, Belén Muñoz-Abella
IFToMM 2014 Damping in a Parametrically Excited Cracked Rotor Zbigniew Kulesza, Jerzy T. Sawicki
IFToMM 2014 Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Transversal Open Cracked Shafts Considering Beam Slenderness and Crack Depth Rafael García-Illescas, Julio C. Gómez-Mancilla, Luigi Bregant
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Identification of Rotor Crack Forces Rajiv Tiwari, C. Shravankumar, A. Mahibalan
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Analysis and Validation of a Vibration-based Technique for Crack Detection in a Shaft María Jesús Gómez García, C. Castejón, J.C. García-Prada, J. López
IFToMM 2014 Tracking the Damage Level in Rolling Element Bearings Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Andrea Vania, Pietro Borghesani
IFToMM 2014 Order Tracking under Run-up and Run-down Conditions Robert Bond Randall, Michael D. Coats
IFToMM 2014 A Novel Procedure for the Selection of the Frequency Band in the Envelope Analysis for Rolling Element Bearing Diagnostics Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Andrea Vania, Pietro Borghesani
IFToMM 2014 Modelling Roller Bearing Dynamics Inducing Instantaneous Angular Speed Variations Jose L. Gomez, Adeline Bourdon, Hugo André, Didier Rémond
IFToMM 2014 Non-linear Elasto-dynamic Model of Faulty Rolling Elements Bearing Michele Cotogno, Enrico Pedrazzi, Marco Cocconcelli, Riccardo Rubini
IFToMM 2014 Architecture of the Monitoring System for Traction System Bearings of a Regional Locomotive Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Andrea Vania, Pietro Borghesani
IFToMM 2014 Monitoring the Dynamic Behavior in Polar Domain for an Easier Diagnostic of Rotating Machinery Jarir Mahfoud, Benjamin Defoy
IFToMM 2014 Building Asset Monitoring and Prognostics Systems using Cost Effective Technologies for Power Generation Applications Preston Johnson
IFToMM 2014 Signal Processing Techniques for the Identification of Wheels' Imbalance in Presence of Disturbances Marco Tarabini, Andrea Gironacci, Roberto Panzeri, Diego Scaccabarozzi
IFToMM 2014 Software Package Performance Evaluation for Lyapunov Exponent and Others Features of Signals Evaluating the Condition Monitoring of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems Julio C. Gómez Mancilla, F. Andrea Pellegrino, L. Palacios-Pineda, V. Nosov
IFToMM 2014 Use of Chaos in the Diagnostics of Rolling Element Bearings Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Andrea Vania, Pietro Borghesani
IFToMM 2014 Model Based Automated Diagnosis of Bearing Knock Faults in Internal Combustion Engines Jian Chen, Robert Bond Randall
IFToMM 2014 Low Speed Bearings' Instantaneous Angular Speed Behavior Wael Moustafa, O. Cousinard, F. Bolaers, K. Ait Sghir, J.P. Dron
IFToMM 2014 Instantaneous Angular Speed Analysis, Measurement Errors and Signal Filtering Marco Spagnol, Luigi Bregant
IFToMM 2014 Optimisation of SVM Based Multi-Fault Classification with Evolutionary Algorithms from Time Domain Vibration Data of Rolling Bearings Rajiv Tiwari, D.J. Bordoloi
IFToMM 2014 Fault Diagnosis and State Detection in Centrifugal Pumps - A Review of Applications Philipp Beckerle, Hendrik Schaede, Stephan Rinderknecht
IFToMM 2014 Use of Acoustic Emissions for the Detection of Rub of Rotors Eoin Peter Carden, Stefano Morosi
IFToMM 2014 Multi Fault Diagnosis of the Centrifugal Pump Using the Wavelet Transform and Principal Component Analysis Ian Howard, Berli Kamiel, Kris McKee, Rodney Entwistle, Ilyas Mazhar
IFToMM 2014 Impact Response Characterization as basis for Bearing Diagnostics and Prognostics Andrea Sanchez Ramirez, Richard Loendersloot, Tiedo Tinga, Giuseppe D’Angelo
IFToMM 2014 Force Analysis due to Local Defect in Rolling Bearings for Fault Diagnosis Sidra Khanam, N. Tandon, Jayanta Kumar Dutt
IFToMM 2014 Vibration-based Spall Size Tracking in Rolling Element Bearings Wade Smith, Chongqing Hu, Robert Bond Randall, Zhongxiao Peng
IFToMM 2014 Prediction of Ultimate Coupling Torque during Transient Short-circuit Loads of Electric Motors Timo P. Holopainen,
IFToMM 2014 Rotordyamic Analysis of a 2-pole Induction Motor Considering Magnetic Excitation due to Dynamic Rotor Eccentricity During Startup Christian Bauer, Ulrich Werner
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Investigation of Structural Damping of Laminated Stacks of Electrical Machine Rotors Marcel Clappier, Lothar Gaul
IFToMM 2014 Rotor Vibrations in Electrical Machines due to Electromagnetic Forces Mathias Mair, Bernhard Weilharter, Katrin Ellermann
IFToMM 2014 Investigating Grid-induced Turbo-generator Vibrations: a Multidisciplinary Challenge Koenraad De Bauw, Frits Petit, Kris Matthys, Sylvain Doucement
IFToMM 2014 Rotor Vibration Difference among the Single and the Combined Faults Composed by Static Air-gap Eccentricity and Rotor Interturn Short Circuit Yu-Ling He, Fa-Lin Wang, Meng-Qiang Ke, Gui-Ji Tang
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Unbalance Identification by means of Correlation Analysis and Model Order Reduction Fabio Dalmazzo Sanches, Robson Pederiva
IFToMM 2014 Model-Based Fault Detection on a Non-Linear Rotor System Ramakrishnan Ambur, Zhentao Wang, Sebastian Schittenhelm, Stephan Rinderknecht
IFToMM 2014 Fault Detection in a Rotating Machine by using the Electromechanical Impedance Method Aldemir Ap Cavalini Jr, Roberto Mendes Finzi, Valder Steffen Jr
IFToMM 2014 Application of Bayesian Inference to Unbalance Identification in Rotors Helio Fiori de Castro, Natalia Cezaro Tyminski
IFToMM 2014 Application of Multiple-Model Estimation Method to Rotor Fault Diagnosis Jianping JingLin Jia, Zhiqiang Wang
IFToMM 2014 Application of a Model-based Method for Balancing a Large Steam Turbo-generator Unit Ionel Nistor, Philippe Voinis, Mohamed-Amine Hassini, Romain Lacombe, Paolo Pennacchi
IFToMM 2014 Unbalance Response Analysis of a Heavy Duty Gas Turbine-Generator with Rigid Coupling Offset Jin Woong Ha, Dae Seok Jung
IFToMM 2014 Residual Unbalance Determination for Flexible Rotors at Operational Speed Eric Knopf, Thomas Krüger, Rainer Nordmann
IFToMM 2014 Model Validation for Damage Identification and Determination of Local Damage Dynamics Jerzy T. Sawicki, Ryan J. Madden, Alexander H. Pesch
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Estimation of Misalignment Effects in Rotor-Bearing-Coupling Systems Rajiv Tiwari, Mohit Lal
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Forced Performance of Short Length Open-ends Squeeze Film Damper with End Grooves Sung Hwa Jeung, Luis San Andrés, Gary Bradley
IFToMM 2014 The Identification Method for Dynamic Characteristics Coefficients of Rotor Sliding Bearing Based on System Lag Angle Guangfu Bin, Wang Longkai, Feng Kun, Li Xuejun
IFToMM 2014 Effect of Square-Dimple Size on Dynamic Characteristics of Textured Journal Bearings Hiroyuki Yamada, Satoru Kaneko, Hiroo Taura
IFToMM 2014 Geometric Discontinuities Identification in Hydrodynamic Bearings Tiago H. Machado, Katia Lucchesi Cavalca
IFToMM 2014 Measurement of Drag Torque, Lift Off Speed and Rotordynamic Force Coefficients in a Shimmed BFB Joshua Norsworthy, Luis San Andrés
IFToMM 2014 Numerical Modeling of the Flow in the Squeeze Film Dampers by using CFD Analysis Guang-hui Zhang, Zhen-lin Wang, Zhan-sheng Liu
IFToMM 2014 A Test Rig for Evaluating Tilting–pad Journal Bearing Characteristics Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Phuoc Vinh Dang, Andrea Vania
IFToMM 2014 Development and Preliminary Validation of Efficient 3D Models of Tilting Pad Journal Bearings Enrico Meli, Roberto Conti, Amedeo Frilli, Emanuele Galardi, Daniele Nocciolini, Luca Pugi, Andrea Rindi, Stefano Rossin
IFToMM 2014 Identification Dynamic Force Coefficients of a Five–pad Tilting–pad Journal Bearing Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Phuoc Vinh Dang, Andrea Vania
IFToMM 2014 Construction and Experimental Application of a Variable Geometry Journal Bearing (VGJB) for the Vibration Suppression of Rotors Athanasios Chasalevris, Fadi Dohnal
IFToMM 2014 The Effects of Temporal Fluid Inertia on Tilting Pad Journal Bearing Dynamics Minhui He, C. Hunter Cloud, José A. Vazquez
IFToMM 2014 Multiphysics TEHD Model of a Tilting-pad Thrust Bearing with Polymeric Layer Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Andrea Vania
IFToMM 2014 Efficient Thrust Bearing Model for High-Speed Rotordynamic Applications Ioannis Chatzisavvas, Aydin Boyaci, Bernhard Schweizer
IFToMM 2014 Performances Degradation of Tilting-pad Thrust Bearings due to Electrical Pitting Steven Chatterton, Paolo Pennacchi, Andrea Vania
IFToMM 2014 A New Approach to Solve for Oil-Whirl and Oil-Whip Limit-Cycle Response Min Zhang
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Analysis of Rotors Supported on Journal Bearings by Solving Reynolds Equation Using Pseudospectral Method Sudhakar Gantasala, I.R. Praveen Krishna, A.S. Sekhar
IFToMM 2014 Influence of delayed yielding of magnetorheological oils in squeeze film dampers on the vibration attenuation of rotors Jaroslav Zapomel, Petr Ferfecki
IFToMM 2014 Successful Elimination of a Pad-fluttering Phenomenon Andrea Vania, Paolo Pennacchi, Steven Chatterton
IFToMM 2014 Investigation of the Thermal Effects of Tilting Pad Bearing Interacting with Fluid Seals on the Stability of Rotating Systems Gregory Bregion Daniel, Antonio Carlos S. G. P. Carneiro, Katia Lucchesi Cavalca
IFToMM 2014 Geometrical Optimization of Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings with Validated Simulations and Artificial Intelligence Tools Luca Gorasso, Liqin Wang, Chiara Gorasso
IFToMM 2014 A Theoretical Study on Frequency Effects on Tilting-Pad Journal Bearing Dynamic Coefficients Thomas Hagemann, Hubert Schwarze
IFToMM 2014 Stability Analysis of an Unbalanced Journal Bearing with Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Forces Radhouane Sghir, Mnaouar Chouchane
IFToMM 2014 Nonlinear Oscillations of High-Speed Rotor Bearing Systems in Semi-Floating Ring Bearings Aydin Boyaci, Bernhard Schweizer
IFToMM 2014 Influence of Bearing Geometry of Automotive Turbochargers on the Nonlinear Vibrations during Run-up Elmar Woschke, Christian Daniel, Steffen Nitzschke, Stefan Göbel, Jens Strackeljan
IFToMM 2014 Multilobe Floating Ring Bearings for Automotive Turbochargers Rob Eling, Ron van Ostayen, Daniel Rixen
IFToMM 2014 Analysis of the Influence of Fluid Temperature Variation on the Behavior of Turbocharger Lubricated Thrust Bearings Leonardo Carpinetti Vieira, Paula N. Watanabe, Katia Lucchesi Cavalca
IFToMM 2014 Dynamics Analysis of Flexible Rotor Supported by Floating Ring Bearings Pavel Taranenko, Oleg Sliva, Elena Zadorozhnaya
IFToMM 2014 Control of Rotor Motion Using Active Fluid-Film Bearings Leonid Savin, Denis Shutin
IFToMM 2014 Thermal Effects in Hydrodynamic Cylindrical Bearings Diogo Stuani Alves, Gregory Bregion Daniel, Katia Lucchesi Cavalca
IFToMM 2014 Temperature Influence on the Behavior of a Magnetorheological Fluid Journal Bearing Pantelis Nikolakopoulos, Dimitrios A. Bompos
IFToMM 2014 Test Rig Characterization and Dynamic Testing of a Smart Electro-Magnetic Actuator Journal Integrated Bearing Aly El-Shafei, Antoine Dimitri, Tareq Saqr, Medhat El-Hakim
IFToMM 2014 Effects of Rough Bearing Surface on the Stochastic Dynamics of a Rotor-bearing System subject to Random Fluid-induced Forces Zigang Li, Jun Jiang
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Study on Periodic Rubbing Fault of Gas Lubrication Bearings and High Speed Rotors Jichao Bian, Zhongguang Fu, Jinfu Yang
IFToMM 2014 Non-linear Stability Analysis of a Modfi ed Gas Foil Bearing Structure Robert Hoffmann, Tomasz Pronobis, Robert Liebich
IFToMM 2014 Thermal Studies on Foil Bearings with a Sliding Coating Made of Plastic Material Grzegorz Zywica, Jan Kicinski, Pawel Baginski
IFToMM 2014 Parametric Study of Dynamic Analysis Focusing on the Foil Structure of a Gas Foil Journal Bearing Bok Seong Choe, Se Na Jeong, Yong Bok Lee
IFToMM 2014 Static and Dynamic Analyses of a Rotor with Aerostatic Ceramic Porous Journal Zilda de Castro Silveira, Luis Renato Chiarelli
IFToMM 2014 Fluid Flow and Thermal Features of Gas Foil Thrust Bearings at Moderate Operating Temperatures Abdelrasoul Gad, Shigehiko Kaneko
IFToMM 2014 On the Dynamics of a Rigid Rotor with Static Unbalance Symmetrically Mounted in Compliant Air Bearings Christoph Baum, Hartmut Hetzler, Wolfgang Seemann
IFToMM 2014 The Dynamics of the Laboratory Rotor Founded on the Gas Foil Bearings - Numerical Analysis Slawomir Banaszek, Grzegorz Zywica, Jan Kicinski, Malgorzata Bogulicz
IFToMM 2014 Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Rotor-simulator in Foil Gasdynamic Bearings for Compact Gas Turbine Mikhail Temis, Joury Temis, Andrey Egorov, Valentin Gavrilov
IFToMM 2014 Prediction of Stiffness Coefficients for Foil Air Bearings to Perform Rotordynamic Analysis of Turbomachinery Alexander O. Pugachev, Y.A. Ravikovich, Y.I. Ermilov, A.A. Matushkin, D.P. Kholobtsev
IFToMM 2014 Externally Pressurized Gas Journal Bearings with Asymmetric Gas Supply (Verification of Availability of Gas Pressure Control Using a Small Size Test Rig) Tomohiko Ise, Kazuya Imanishi, Toshihiko Asami, Tomohiro Ishikawa, Naoyuki Takada, Fumiyoshi Kimura, Yoshiyuki Yamaguchi, Takahiro Tokumiya
IFToMM 2014 On the Diagnostics of Planet Gear Bearings Gianluca D'Elia, Marco Cocconcelli, Emiliano Mucchi, Giorgio Dalpiaz
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Characterization of Wind Turbine Gearboxes in Operational Conditions Simone Manzato, E. Di Lorenzo, F. Vanhollebeke, S. Goris, B. Peeters, W. Desmet, F. Marulo
IFToMM 2014 The Torsional Stiffness of Involute Spur Planetary Gears Ian Howard, Song Xue, Rodney Entwistle, Ilyas Mazhar
IFToMM 2014 Planet Eccentricity Error on a Planetary Gear Transmission: Influence on Load Sharing Miguel Iglesias, A. Fernández, A. de Juan, A. Díez, P. García, F. Viadero
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Modelling of Gear System with Gyroscopic Effect and Crack Detection Analysis Omar D. Mohammed, Matti Rantatalo, Jan-Olov Aidanpää
IFToMM 2014 Study on Nonlinear Meshing Stiffness of Spline Guang Zhao, Juncong Su, Jingyu Zhai, Qingkai Han, Yanyan Shi
IFToMM 2014 Research on Dynamic Modeling and Analysis of the Coupled Planetary Gear and Rotor System Hong-Liang Yao, Yang Liu, Zhao-Hui Ren, Bang-Chun Wen, Chao-Feng Li
IFToMM 2014 Rotordynamic Analysis for Integrally Geared Air Compressor using Measured Dynamic Coefficients of Tilting Pad Journal Bearings Wonhyun Kim, Taeyoung Kim, Dohyeong Lim, Sangpyo Woo, Wonho Joo
IFToMM 2014 Effect of Gear Tooth Breakage on the Dynamic Response in a Wind Turbine Drive Train Subjected to Stochastic Load Excitation Srikanth Poludasu, A.S. Sekhar
IFToMM 2014 Rotor Active Vibration Control via Internal Magnetic Bearings and a Concentric Inner Shaft Coupling Christopher Lusty, M. Necip Sahinkaya, Patrick S. Keogh
IFToMM 2014 Vibration Control of Rotor Shaft Systems Using Electromagnetic Actuator Shivang Shekhar, Nitish Sharma, Hemanta Kumar Roy, Anindya Sundar Das, Jayanta Kumar Dutt
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Estimation of Speed-dependent Active Magnetic Bearing Rotordynamic Parameters Rajiv Tiwari, Talatam Viswanadh
IFToMM 2014 Stability study for vibration control of an active magnetic bearing supported rotor mounted on a moving base Akash Vardhan, Anindya Sundar Das, Jayanta Kumar Dutt
IFToMM 2014 Eigenvalue Assignment for Stabilizing Unstable Conical Modes of Rigid Rotor-active Magnetic Bearing System over High Rotational Speed Range Han-Wook Jeon, Chong-Won Lee
IFToMM 2014 Rotordynamic Behavior and Performance of Controllable Hybrid Foil-magnetic Bearing Sena Jeong, Bok Seong Choe, Yong Bok Lee
IFToMM 2014 Passive Magnetic Bearings at the Rotary Application Krzysztof Falkowski, Aleksander Olejnik
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Analysis of the High-speed Flexible Rotors Supported on the Electro-dynamic Passive Magnetic Bearings Tomasz Szolc, Krzysztof Falkowski
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Assessment of Touchdown Bearing Contact Forces in Magnetic Bearing Systems Patrick S. Keogh, Fawaz Y. Saket, M. Necip Sahinkaya
IFToMM 2014 A Contact Event Model for an AMB-supported Rotor Oskari Halminen, Antti Kärkkäinen, Jussi Sopanen, Aki Mikkola
IFToMM 2014 Internal Sensing and Actuation Strategies for Smart Machine Rotors Samuel Jimenez, Patrick S. Keogh, Matthew O.T. Cole
IFToMM 2014 Energy Harvesting from Unbalance Response of Rotors Rodrigo Nicoletti, Marcus Vinicius Vitoratti de Araujo
IFToMM 2014 Assessment of Numerical Model to Determination of Parameters to Stability Experimental Tests Felipe Wenzel Silva Tuckmantel, Gregory Bregion Daniel, Hélio Fiori de Castro, Katia Lucchesi Cavalca
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Observations of Rotor Orbit Analysis in Rotating Machines Akilu Yunusa-Kaltungo, Adrian D. Nembhard, Jyoti K. Sinha
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Study on the Dynamic Characteristics of Spline Joint in Rotor System Wang Cun, Yanhong Ma, Dayi Zhang, Jie Hong
IFToMM 2014 Development and Validation of Efficient Rotordynamical Models for Complex Rotating Systems Alice Innocenti, Filippo Cangioli, Lorenzo Marini, Enrico Meli, Luca Pugi, Andrea Rindi
IFToMM 2014 Finite Element Modeling and Vibration Analysis of a Free Power Turbine Subjected to Non-Synchronous Excitation Alexander O. Pugachev, A.V. Sheremetyev, V.V. Tykhomirov, O.I. Shpilenko
IFToMM 2014 A Parameter Preserving Model Order Reduction Algorithm for Rotordynamic Systems Kristin Krenek
IFToMM 2014 Analysis of Rotating Systems Using General-Purpose Multibody Dynamics Alessandro Tasora, Pierangelo Masarati
IFToMM 2014 Capturing the Dynamics of Rotating Machines : a Modern Global Approach Based on Samcef Rotor Patrick Morelle
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Absorbers for Rotating Machinery Pietro Borghesani, Tommaso Argentini, Marco Belloli, Fabio C. Robustelli
IFToMM 2014 Vibration Control in Electrical Machines Using Built-in Actuator Karuna Kalita, Gaurav Kumar, Sivaramakrishnan Natesan, Kari Tammi
IFToMM 2014 Application of Optimization Methods in Rotor Dynamics Nils Wagner, Reinhard Helfrich
IFToMM 2014 Active Vibration Isolation of a Flexible Rotor Being Subject to Unbalance Excitation and Gyroscopic Effect Using H8-Op??mal Control Fabian Benedikt Becker, Stefan Heindel, Stephan Rinderknecht
IFToMM 2014 A State Space Viscoelastic Shaft Finite Element for Analysis of Rotors Arghya Nandi, Sumanta Neogy, Smitadhi Ganguly
IFToMM 2014 EHD Modeling of Angular Contact Ball Element Bearings Letícia Bizarre, Fábio Nonato de Paula, Katia Lucchesi Cavalca
IFToMM 2014 Controllers for Attenuation of Lateral Rotor Vibration Part I: Controller Design Rudolf Sebastian Schittenhelm, Stephan Rinderknecht
IFToMM 2014 Controllers for Attenuation of Lateral Rotor Vibration Part II: Controller Optimization and Comparison Rudolf Sebastian Schittenhelm, Stephan Rinderknecht
IFToMM 2014 Controlled modal energy transfer in torsional systems using impulsive parametric excitation Thomas Pumhössel, Horst Ecker, Peter Hehenberger, Klaus Zeman
IFToMM 2014 Controlling Non-linear Axial Vibrations of a Turbine Rotor Nicolò Bachschmid, Davide Colombo, Andrea Monterisi
IFToMM 2014 Stability Analysis and Intelligent Electro-Dynamic Control of Aero-Engine Rotor-Bearing System J. Srinivas, M. Rajasekhar
IFToMM 2014 Prediction of Rotor Dynamic Behavior of Synchronous Generators J.S. Rao, Vijendra Gupta, Prachi Khullar, D. Srinivas
IFToMM 2014 Towards Determination of Critical Speeds of a Rotating Shaft with Eccentric Sleeves: Equations of Motion Antony Kirk, Fotios Georgiades, Chris Bingham
IFToMM 2014 Prediction Capabilities of Coriolis and Gyroscopic Effects in Current Finite Element Software Valentina Ruffini, Christoph W. Schwingshackl, Jeffrey S. Green
IFToMM 2014 Studying Continuum Dynamic Behaviour through Rigid Multibody Dynamics Vikas Kumar, Subir Kumar Saha, Suril V. Shah, Jayanta Kumar Dutt
IFToMM 2014 On lumping of Gyroscopic matrix in Finite element analysis of rotors Sumanta Neogy, Smitadhi Ganguly, Arghya Nandi
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Response of Asymmetric Rotor Systems under Time-variable Base Angular Motions Qinkai Han, Fulei Chu
IFToMM 2014 An Innovative Rotordynamical Model for Coupled Flexural-Torsional Vibrations in Rotating Machines Alice Innocenti, Filippo Cangioli, Lorenzo Marini, Enrico Meli, Luca Pugi, Andrea Rindi
IFToMM 2014 Non-Linear Analysis of the Defects of a Vertical Turbine Sébastien Denis, Mohamed-Amine Hassini, Mihaï Arghir
IFToMM 2014 Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Ball Bearings Due to Varying Number of Balls and Centrifugal Force Pavan Kumar Kankar, V. Vakharia, Vijay Kumar Gupta
IFToMM 2014 Sensitivity Analysis on the Dynamic Characteristics of a 1000MW Turbo-Generator Rotor Danmei Xie, Van Thanh Ngo, Yi Yang, Shang Gao, Jie Guo
IFToMM 2014 Inclusion of Unsteady Bow in a Model-Based Monitoring System for Rotors Markus Rossner, Thomas Thuemmel, Heinz Ulbrich
IFToMM 2014 A method for assessing the turbine generator set shaft-line behavior in accidental situations Ionel Nistor, Nicolas Guilloteau, Nabila Sellali-Haraigue, Pierre-Yves Couzon, Pierre Verrier
IFToMM 2014 Effect of Unbalanced Rotor on the Dynamics of Cylindrical Roller Bearings Pavan Kumar Kankar, Aditya Sharma, M. Amarnath
IFToMM 2014 Vibration Analysis of Fiber Reinforced Composite Discs Kshitij Gupta, S.P. Singh, V. Tiwari, Savi Takkar, Rahul Dev, Anant Rai
IFToMM 2014 Numerical Studies of a Nonlinear Flexible Rotating System under Harmonic Ground Motion Barun Pratiher, Balram Choudhary
IFToMM 2014 Rotor-dynamic Computer Simulations of Rolling Bearing in High-speed Rotating Machinery Giacomo Landi, Travis Shive, Fabrizio Mandrile
IFToMM 2014 Spherical Roller Bearing Simulation Model with Localized Defects Behnam Ghalamchi, Jussi Sopanen, Aki Mikkola
IFToMM 2014 Three Case Studies from the UKCS Gas Compressors: Combining Rotor Dynamic and Process data as an Aid to Diagnosis Geraint Jones
IFToMM 2014 Correlation between Friction Coefficient and Sound Characteristics for Cage Instability of Cryogenic Deep Groove Ball Bearings Sol Ji Ryu, Bok Seong Choe, Jeon Kook Lee, Yong Bok Lee
IFToMM 2014 Rotor-stator partial rub diagnosis using Hilbert Huang transform Sanjin Braut, Roberto Žigulic, Goranka Štimac, Ante Skoblar
IFToMM 2014 Detecting Rub-impact Fault of Rotor System Based on Variational Mode Decomposition Yanxue Wang, Richard Markert
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Analysis of Rotor-Stator Contact with Many Degrees of Freedom Oliver Alber
IFToMM 2014 Effect of Rotor-stator Contact on the Mass Unbalance Response Régis Dufour, Celio Duran, Lionel Manin, Marie Ange Andrianoely, Céline Bordegaray, Frédéric Battle
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Response of High Speed Flexible Rotor due to Sudden Large Unbalance Haijun Xuan, Luo Ling, Guo Xiaojun, Li Guoqiang
IFToMM 2014 Multiple Nonlinear Normal Modes of A Rotor-stator Rubbing System Yan-Hua Chen, Jun Jiang
IFToMM 2014 Investigations on Non-steady Behaviour of Rotors due to Light Rubbing to Brush Seals Daniel Kreuzer, Robert Fay, Robert Liebich, Sang Werner, Tobias Wiedemann
IFToMM 2014 Non-Linear Analysis of Floating Ring Annular Seals: Stability and Impacts Mihaï Arghir, Manh-Hung Nguyen
IFToMM 2014 Effects of Clearance on Leakage Flow Characteristics of Labyrinth Brush Seal Yuan Wei, Zhaobo Chen,Yinghou Jiao, Xin Du, Zhouqiang Zhang
IFToMM 2014 Dynamic Analysis of a Non-Contacting Finger Seal Alexey Selivanov, Joury Temis, Ivan Dzeva
IFToMM 2014 Periodic Stability and Sensitivity Analysis of Rotating Machinery Aykut Tamer, Pierangelo Masarati
IFToMM 2014 Numerical Analysis on the Nonlinear Hysteresis Phenomenon Associated with Instability of a Steam Turbine Rotor-Bearing System Ying Cui, Wang Yongliang, Zhong Jingjun
IFToMM 2014 Stability Analysis and Assessment of Rotor Trains Using Operational Modal Analysis Eoin Peter Carden, Niklas Sehlstedt, Kenny Krogh Nielsen, Staffan Lundholm, Stefano Morosi
IFToMM 2014 On the Stabilizing Effect of Support Asymmetry in Rotordynamics Giancarlo Genta
IFToMM 2014 Stability Analysis Based on Energy Balance of Motion of the Gyroscopic Exercise Tool Tsuyoshi Inoue, Masahiko Aki, Yuki Takezaki, Kentaro Takagi
IFToMM 2014 Development and Validation of a Model to Describe the Bearings Interaction in Rotating Machines due to Elastic Supporting Structures Enrico Meli, Giovanni Pallini, Andrea Rindi, Stefano Rossin
IFToMM 2014 Influence of the Supporting Structure Dynamic Behaviour on the Shaft Vibration of a Real Rotating Machine Andrea Vania, Paolo Pennacchi, Steven Chatterton
IFToMM 2014 Development and Preliminary Validation of a New Strategy to Model the Interaction between Rotating Machines and Elastic Supporting Structure Stefano Rossin, Enrico Meli, Andrea Rindi, Giovanni Pallini, Francesco Capanni, Domenico Zaffino, Valentina Peselli, Daniele Calsolaro
IFToMM 2014 Evaluation of Pedestal Stiffness Variations in Steel Supported Structures for Steam Turbines Raj Subbiah
IFToMM 2014 Modeling and Experimental Characterization of Resilient Supports for Turbomolecular Pumps Carmelo Quartarone, Flavio Cometti, Sara Drovandi, Nicola Amati, Angelo Bonfitto, Lester D. Suarez, Andrea Tonoli
IFToMM 2014 Experimental Evaluation of a Modal Parameter Based Foundation Identification Procedure Eric Hahn, Minli Yu, Ningsheng Feng
IFToMM 2014 Modeling of visco-elastic supports for hydropower applications Erik Synnegård, Rolf Gustavsson, Jan-Olov Aidanpää
IFToMM 2014 Theoretical Modeling for a Rotor-bearing-foundation System and its Dynamic Characteristics Analysis Konstantin Shaposhnikov, Jie Hong, Dayi Zhang , Yanhong Ma
IFToMM 2014 Non-linear Behavior and Loading Capability of the Spring Support in Lateral Response Marcin Bielecki
IFToMM 2014 Tuning the Vibration of a Rotor with Shape Memory Alloy Metal Rubber Supports Qicheng Zhang, Jie Hong, Yanhong Ma, Baolong Liu, Fabrizio Scarpa, Dayi Zhang
IFToMM 2014 Thermal Unbalance Behaviour of Turbogenerator Rotors Bartolomeus Irwanto, Lothar Eckert, Thorsten Prothmann
IFToMM 2014 New Mathematical Model for the Morton Effect Based on the THD Analysis Alexander Fedorov, B. S. Grigor’ev, Joachim Schmied
IFToMM 2014 Similarity Analysis of Spiral Vibration Behavior on Large Turbomachinery Kris Matthys, Joachim Schmied
IFToMM 2014 A New Approach for Thermo-elastic Equations to Predict Spiral Vibrations in Turbogenerator Shafts Mateusz Golebiowski, Rainer Nordmann, Eric Knopf
IFToMM 2014 Thermoelastic Steam Turbine Rotor Control Based on Neural Network Romuald Rzadkowski, Krzysztof Dominiczak, Wojciech Radulski
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IFToMM 2018 Residual modal unbalance evaluation method by mode shape weighted optimization L'vov, Max, Lacombe, Bernd IFTOMM2018-0014
IFToMM 2018 Application of genetic algorithm for synthesis of H∞ controllers for active magnetic bearing systems Sahinkaya, Alican, Sawicki, Jerzy IFTOMM2018-0016
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IFToMM 2018 Unbalance Vibration Compensation Control Using Deep Network for Rotor System with Active Magnetic Bearings Yao, Xuan, Chen, Zhaobo, Jiao, Yinghou IFTOMM2018-0041
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IFToMM 2018 Numerical Analyses of the Dead-Band Clearance Effect on the Vibrations of a Vertical Rotor Arghir, Mihai, Amami, Lassad IFTOMM2018-0043
IFToMM 2018 A co-energy based approach to model the rotordynamics of electrical machines Boy, Felix, Hetzler, Hartmut IFTOMM2018-0044
IFToMM 2018 Multi Fault Diagnosis of Centrifugal Pumps with Time, Frequency and Wavelet based Features using Support Vector Machines Janani, Shruti Rapur, Tiwari, Rajiv IFTOMM2018-0046
IFToMM 2018 Balancing of Turbomolecular Pumps: Modal Balancing approach and experimental results Quartarone, Carmelo, Beqari, Julian, Girardello Detoni, Joaquim, Cometti, Flavio, Emelli, Enrico IFTOMM2018-0047
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IFToMM 2018 Numerical study on the influence of Gas Foil Thrust Bearings on the vibrational behavior Pronobis, Tomasz, Liebich, Robert IFTOMM2018-0050
IFToMM 2018 Magnetic Bearings for Non-static Flywheel Energy Storage Systems (FESS) Dagnaes-Hansen, Nikolaj, Santos, Ilmar F. IFTOMM2018-0052
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IFToMM 2018 Modal Balancing Using Parametric Combination Resonance Mendes, Ricardo Ugliara, Dohnal, Fadi IFTOMM2018-0079
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IFToMM 2018 Stochastic Analysis of Asymmetric Tilting-Pad Journal Bearings Silva, Heitor Antonio, Nicoletti, Rodrigo IFTOMM2018-0081
IFToMM 2018 Effect of Uncertainty in External Forcing on a Fluid Lubricated Bearing Bailey, Nicola, Hibberd, Stephen, Tretyakov , Michael IFTOMM2018-0085
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IFToMM 2018 Detection of Cracks in a Rotating Shaft Using Density Characterization of Orbit Plots Haj Mohamad, Turki, Ap Cavalini Jr, Aldemir , Steffen Jr, Valder , Nataraj, C. IFTOMM2018-0094
IFToMM 2018 Quantitative analysis method of whole aero-engine structural design based on structural efficiency PENG, Gang, LI, Chao, ZHENG, Huaqiang, MA, Yanhong, HONG, Jie IFTOMM2018-0095
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IFToMM 2018 The Influence of Friction in Rotor-stator Contact Nonlinear Dynamics Moreira, Rodrigo Veronese, Paiva, Alberto IFTOMM2018-0105
IFToMM 2018 Vibration Suppression of Additional Unbalance caused by the Non-continuous Characteristics of a Typical Aero-engine Rotor Chen, Xueqi, Ma, Yanhong, Hong, Jie IFTOMM2018-0106
IFToMM 2018 Investigation on the dynamic characteristics of a rotor suffering impact foundation external excitation Shaposhnikov, Konstantin , Zhang, Dayi, Yan, Wenzhong, Hong, JIe IFTOMM2018-0107
IFToMM 2018 Problems of rotordynamic modeling for built-up gas turbine rotors with central tie rod shaft Shaposhnikov, Konstantin IFTOMM2018-0110
IFToMM 2018 Monitoring of Induction Motor Mechanical and Electrical Faults by Optimum Multiclass-Support Vector Machine Algorithms Using Genetic Algorithm Bordoloi, D J, Tiwari, Rajiv IFTOMM2018-0111
IFToMM 2018 Characteristic Parameters Estimation of Uncertainties Present in an Active Magnetic Bearing Integrated Flexible Rotor System Using Dynamic Reduction Technique Kuppa, Sampath Kumar, Lal, Mohit IFTOMM2018-0114
IFToMM 2018 Speed Dependent Dynamic Parameters Estimation of a Rotor-Bearing-Coupling System Satapathy, Monalisha, Lal, Mohit IFTOMM2018-0115
IFToMM 2018 Operational Modal Analysis of a Centrifugal Compressor in Field Operation Zague, Leandro de Oliveira, Cloud, Charles Hunter, Miranda, Accorsi Miranda, Campos, Rogerio da SIlva IFTOMM2018-0120
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IFToMM 2018 Simulation and Analysis of the Influence of the Support Structure on a Wind Turbine Gear Set Okabe, Eduardo, Masarati, Pierangelo IFTOMM2018-0145
IFToMM 2018 Analysis of analytical hydrodynamic bearing models on a reciprocating compressor Okabe, Eduardo, Izuka, Jaime, Resch, Reinhard IFTOMM2018-0146
IFToMM 2018 Modeling and simulation of the drivetrain of a metal lathe Okabe, Eduardo, Suyama, Daniel IFTOMM2018-0147
IFToMM 2018 Analysis of a rotating machine flexibly supported by vibration isolating materials Hiroyuki, Fujiwara, Keiji, Watanabe, Shigeharu, Hayashi IFTOMM2018-0150
IFToMM 2018 Active control of rotating machinery under rotor-stator contact conditions Keogh, Patrick, Lusty, Chris, Bailey, Nicola, Saket, Fawaz IFTOMM2018-0152
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IFToMM 2018 INFLUENCE OF TEMPERATURE AND INJECTION PRESSURE OF LUBRICATION IN THE VIBRATION OF AN AUTOMOTIVE TURBOCHARGER Sandoval Rodriguez, Oscar Ricardo, J Machado, Luiz Henrique, Castro Caetano, Bryan, Lara, Isadora F., Molina, Ramon IFTOMM2018-0155
IFToMM 2018 Radial Active Magnetic Bearing Design Optimization Betancor, Javier, Sahinkaya, M. Necip, Zweiri, Yahya IFTOMM2018-0157
IFToMM 2018 Comparison of lubricant force models for rattle analysis on gear transmissions Fernández-del-Rincón, Alfonso, Diez-Ibarbia, Alberto, Iglesias, Miguel, García-Fernández, Pablo, De-Juan, Ana, Viadero, Fernando IFTOMM2018-0159
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IFToMM 2018 Some examples of incomplete diagnostic analyses of industrial machinery Bachschmid, Nicolò IFTOMM2018-0164
IFToMM 2018 Kriging surrogate model dedicated to a tilting-pad journal bearing Dourado, Arinan, Silva Barbosa, Jefferson, Cavalini Jr, Aldemir Ap, Steffen Jr, Valder, Leonardo, Sicchieri IFTOMM2018-0166
IFToMM 2018 STABILITY ANALYSIS OF A CRACKED BLADE COUPLED WITH A RIGID ROTOR Rende, Bruno, Batista, Izabela, Souza Morais, Tobias, Ap Cavalini Jr, Aldemir, Steffen Jr, Valder IFTOMM2018-0170
IFToMM 2018 A preliminary experiment to excite and identify modal frequencies of a rotor in the rotating frame of reference Gantasala, Sudhakar, Aidanpää, Jan-Olov IFTOMM2018-0172
IFToMM 2018 Effects of Twist Angle on Rubbing Induced Vibration Responses of Blade Ma, Hui Ma, Sun, Qi Sun, Zeng, Jin Zeng, Wen, Bangchun Wen IFTOMM2018-0177
IFToMM 2018 Progresses in calibrating Active Magnetic Bearings with Numerical and Experimental Approaches Maierhofer, Johannes, Wagner, Christian, Thümmel, Thomas, Rixen, Daniel IFTOMM2018-0178
IFToMM 2018 Machine Diagnosis as a Standardized Approach El-Shafei, ALY IFTOMM2018-0183
IFToMM 2018 SEMAJIB: A Versatile High Performance Smart Bearing El-Shafei, Aly IFTOMM2018-0184
IFToMM 2018 Auto Resonance Based Identification of Rotating Systems Ariel, Netanel, Setter, Eyal, Minikes, Adi, Davis, Solomon, Bucher, Izhak IFTOMM2018-0186
IFToMM 2018 Rotor Orbits at Operation Speed and Model-based Diagnosis of Multiple Errors Thuemmel, Thomas, Rossner, Markus, Wagner, Christian, Maierhofer, Johannes, Rixen, Daniel IFTOMM2018-0187
IFToMM 2018 Modal Testing of a Full-Scale Rotating Woven Composite Fan Using Piezoelectric Excitation Mabilia, Antoine, Gibert, Claude, Thouverez, Fabrice, De Jaeghere, Edouard, Sanchez, Lionel, Giovannoni, Laura IFTOMM2018-0188
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IFToMM 2018 Flexible disc coupling model in rotating shafts Tuckmantel, Felipe W. S., Schoola, Caio G., Cavalca, Katia L. IFTOMM2018-0192
IFToMM 2018 Kriging-Based Surrogate Modeling for Rotordynamics Prediction in Rotor-Bearing System Pedrosa Franco Barbosa, Mateus, Martins Alves, William IFTOMM2018-0194
IFToMM 2018 Calculating Rotordynamic Coefficients of Liquid Annular Seals by CFD for Vibration Analysis and Validation at the Test Rig Wagner, Christian, Sinzig, Stephan, Thümmel, Thomas, Rixen, Daniel IFTOMM2018-0196
IFToMM 2018 Hysteretic (non-reversible) bit-rock interaction model for torsional vibration analysis of a drill-string Real, Fabio Ferreira, Batou, Anas, Ritto, Thiago Gamboa, Desceliers, Christophe, Aguiar, Romulo IFTOMM2018-0197
IFToMM 2018 Intelligent Condition Monitoring for Rotating Machinery Using Compressively-Sampled Data and Sub-space Learning Techniques Ahmed, Hosameldin, Nandi, Asoke IFTOMM2018-0199
IFToMM 2018 A modified model reduction technique for the dynamic analysis of rotor- stator rub Prabith, K, Krishna, I R Praveen IFTOMM2018-0203
IFToMM 2018 Coupled Simulation of Rotor Systems Supported by Journal Bearings Balaji, Nidish Narayanaa , Krishna, I R Praveen IFTOMM2018-0204
IFToMM 2018 Rotor-stator partial rub detection based on Teager-Huang transform Braut, Sanjin, Zigulić, Roberto, Stimac Rončević, Goranka, Skoblar, Ante, Mirkovic, Mihajlo, Bulic, Neven IFTOMM2018-0209
IFToMM 2018 Input Force Identification in a Francis Hydro Turbine Unit Model Morais, Tobias, Cavalini Jr, Aldemir, Steffen Jr, Valder IFTOMM2018-0211
IFToMM 2018 Wave and Vibration Analysis of Rotating Periodic Structures by Wave-Based Methods Beli, Danilo, Silva, Priscilla Brandão, Mencik, Jean-Mathieu, Arruda, José Roberto de França IFTOMM2018-0213
IFToMM 2018 Modeling and simulation of decoupler pulley effects on FEAD torsional vibration Berto, Lucas Figueiró, Michelotti, Alvaro Canto, Pastorelli, Pedro Palma, Ferrreira, André Luis Francioso IFTOMM2018-0214
IFToMM 2018 Rotordynamic influence of a spider mounted on shaft with interference fit in an electric machine rotor Storti, Gabriel Chagas, Fonçatti, Lucas Gomes IFTOMM2018-0215
IFToMM 2018 Modeling the rotor vibrations of a hydropower unit during a runaway regime Cupillard, Samuel Cupillard IFTOMM2018-0219
IFToMM 2018 Vibration based condition monitoring of planetary gearboxes operating under speed varying operating conditions based on cyclo non stationary analysis Mauricio, Alexander, Qi, Junyu, Wade, Smith, Randall, Robert, Gryllias, Konstantinos IFTOMM2018-0221
IFToMM 2018 Development of a Wind Turbine Blade with Dedicated Profiles by Schmitz's Optimum Dimensioning Systematization Oliveira, André Ribeiro de, Rocha, Álvaro Barbosa da, Marcelino, Emerson da Trindade, Cassimiro, Rafael Ítalo Lopes, Rodrigues, João Vítor de Melo, Duarte, Raimundo Nonato Calazans IFTOMM2018-0223
IFToMM 2018 Satellite Controller System based on Reaction Wheels using the State-Dependent Riccati Equation (SDRE) on Java Romero, Alessandro , Souza, Luiz Carlos Gadelha IFTOMM2018-0228
IFToMM 2018 Analysis of Variable Mass Rotordynamic Systems with Semi-Analytic Time-Integration Holl, Helmut J. IFTOMM2018-0229
IFToMM 2018 Nonlinear Analyses in Rotor-Dynamic Engineering Schmied, Joachim, Fuchs, Andreas IFTOMM2018-0231
IFToMM 2018 Dynamic Analysis of Rotating Motor Protein(ATP synthase) using FEM Tirtom, Ismail, Luo, Xu, Hatayama, Eiji IFTOMM2018-0232
IFToMM 2018 Differentiating tooth root cracks and spalls in planet gears from changes in the transmission error Peng, Dikang, Smith, Wade A, Randall, Robert B, Peng, Zhongxiao IFTOMM2018-0234
IFToMM 2018 Effect of texture region on the static and dynamic characteristic of partially textured journal bearings TAURA, HIROO IFTOMM2018-0235
IFToMM 2018 Blade modal analysis by means of continuous optical fiber sensors Pennacchi, Paolo, Cazzulani, Gabriele, Chieppi, Martina, Colombo, Andrea IFTOMM2018-0236
IFToMM 2018 Detection of gear tooth crack in a wind turbine planetary gearbox Joshi, Rachna, Darpe, Ashish Kamalakar IFTOMM2018-0237
IFToMM 2018 Experimental investigations on torsional vibrations of a rotor during a rotor-stator rub Mokhtar, Asjad, Darpe, Ashish Kamalakar, Gupta, Kshitij IFTOMM2018-0238
IFToMM 2018 Intermittent rub caused by carbonized oil in a steam turbine Andrea, Vania, Paolo, Pennacchi, Chatterton, Steven, Cangioli, Filippo IFTOMM2018-0239
IFToMM 2018 Special signal processing tools for the experimental data of spiral vibrations Andrea , Vania, Paolo , Pennacchi, Chatterton, Steven , Cangioli, Filippo IFTOMM2018-0240
IFToMM 2018 Optimized tribo-design of lubricants for power loss reduction in journal bearings used in process industry Pennacchi, Paolo, Chatterton, Steven, Vania, Andrea IFTOMM2018-0241
IFToMM 2018 Diagnostics of bearings in rolling stocks: results of long lasting tests for a regional train locomotive Pennacchi, Paolo Pennacchi, Chatterton, Steven, Vania, Andrea, Lang, Xu IFTOMM2018-0243
IFToMM 2018 Numerical modeling of spiral vibrations caused by the presence of brush seals Pennacchi, Paolo, Cangioli, Filippo, Vania, Andrea, Chatterton, Steven IFTOMM2018-0244
IFToMM 2018 Development and validation of a bulk-flow model for staggered labyrinth seals. Cangioli, Filippo, Pennacchi, Paolo, Chatterton, Steven, Vannini, Giuseppe, Ciuchicchi, Lorenzo, Nettis, Leonardo IFTOMM2018-0245
IFToMM 2018 Optimal filtering of cyclic transients and its application to helicopter gearbox diagnosis Abboud, Dany, Elbadaoui, Mohammed IFTOMM2018-0246
IFToMM 2018 Effects of severe operating conditions (high loads / low rotational speeds) on sleeve journal bearings Chatterton, Steven, Pennacchi, Paolo, Vania, Andrea IFTOMM2018-0247
IFToMM 2018 Investigation of Cooled Pads for Tilting-pad Bearings Chatterton, Steven, Pennacchi, Paolo, Vania, Andrea IFTOMM2018-0248
IFToMM 2018 Detection of sensor detachment in aircraft engines using vibration signals Abboud, Dany, Elbadaoui, Mohammed, Becquerelle , Samuel, Lalmi, Majid IFTOMM2018-0249
IFToMM 2018 Dynamic modeling of flexible rotors embarked in vehicles undergoing arbitrary motion Everton , Spuldaro, Sales, Thiago de Paula, Damy, Luiz Fabiano, Rade, Domingos Alves IFTOMM2018-0251
IFToMM 2018 Vibration Control of a Gas Turbine-Generator Rotor in a Combined Cycle System by means of Active Magnetic Bearings Pilotto, Rafael, Nordmann, Rainer IFTOMM2018-0253
IFToMM 2018 Numerical Analysis of Influence Coefficients for On-site Balancing of Flexible Rotors Nordmann, Rainer, Knopf, Eric, Abrate, Bastien IFTOMM2018-0255
IFToMM 2018 Constructing accurate phenomenological surrogate models for fluid structure interaction Guerra, Gabriel M., Freitas, Rodolfo, Rochinha, Fernando A. IFTOMM2018-0257
IFToMM 2018 Root Cause Investigation of High Frequency Structural Vibration on a High Pressure Hydrogen Compressor Brandão, André, Rangel Jr., Joilson, Melo, Rodolfo IFTOMM2018-0259

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